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The can collector
New York
United States
Many poor people in NY collect empty metal cans from the garbage for the 5 cents deposit they are worth. It is not unusual to see people with supermarket shopping carts full of cans.
This place was a reception area where I guess people could redeem they 5 cents per can.
Like Prantik I tried to split the frame in 2, but he is a lot better than me at it.
APN Canon Canon PowerShot G11
Registred camera Canon Canon PowerShot G11 (Bridge/Compact)
EXIF information f:3,2 - 1/400 - 200 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename g110309 edited 2 lo ph.jpg


Hi Didier,
I think I like the general idea, but like me you too have trouble here with layering.  Compositionally, I think the problem might have been that the car on the left is too straight.  It is here that a bit of tilt would have been perfect.
Doesn't quite get it for me Didier. It's a bit cluttered for me. I want to see more detail, more plainly in the right side; yet that Monster truck to the right steals my sight.
Not quite.
Love the idea, but the right messy side whtich overlap with the guy don't work for me. But love the idea and compo.
This reminds me of Francis more than Prantik, Didier.  I regret that you cut off the man's feet.  It's not always a problem, but here it feels like a mistake.  I see what you were trying to do with splitting the frame in half and it's a nice idea, but ultimately I'm between neutral to negative on this photo.  I feel that the van (unusual paint job!) is dominating over the real subject -- the can collector.  Just my 5-cent depost, of course.