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/photo view

Differents point of view
Registred camera LEICA MP with LEICA Summicron M 35mm ASPH f/2 (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:2 - 1/125 - 1600 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename acfb-13.jpg



a big succes putting these three images together this way Arnaud. I don't know how i missed this project here on the site. There are some quiet spectacular photo's inside :o)

great work.
You are the man.
I already looked at this triptych this morning and immediatly loved it. The images just belong, they need to be seen together. Horizontal and vertical lines dominate all 3
A fav for me also
Hi Arnaud!
Like Chris, I also dig this! Saying it the cliche way, but this tryptich is quite a wonderful series in itself....your photographs of Benaras, and in fact all that you have shown from distant and not so distant places...has some kind of a dreamy quality's trippy... 
I find this incredible...I mean, so many photos are meant to be seeen in combinations. It's a possiblility that is underappreciated on PH; the play between different photographs. I find this presentation more like a book. Not only that, but the feeling of lonliness and depth in these shots plays to my particular mood.
You have an ability for great image making Arnaud. Beautiful.
What you are attempting here is very interesting, Arnaud, and I applaud your desire to break out of the conventiuons of single "golden" uploads (a la Furachan ;o). I'm not sure the attempt is 100% successful, I would say it is 70% on target - the second and third image work well and you would have a decent tritych - my problem is with the top images whose only merit seems to me that it has no people in it... Graphically and photographically I am not convinced by it.
But the overall effect is fascinating in its intent, as regards the passing of small fragments of time and its relation to photography...