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The missed op
It's now 9PM in Saint-Denis, near the Grand Marché on that sunday night. The few shopkeepers have pulled their grids down for long now, most of them since saturday morning.

The shopping strip is completely deserted, there isn't even a local soul who would testify that no one is in the street, except the very few ones who do not belong to this place, like me or a group of Mayotte girls walking by, their faces painted with the same Musiro paste I know from Mozambique.

Musiro : I see them approaching like remnants of past photo adventures, ghouls teasing me -Musiro girls, why not opium smokers or tattoed tribes- typically at this stage the film cannot be winded properly, or it is already finished, or something should happen. 

"Bonsoir" she says distractely fixing a scarf on her head. I'm stunned : an oasis of humanity in a deserted land, I somehow expected some moaning instead, like in eastern Africa, at best an unawareness that would match the infertile surroundings.

I'm so short of reaction, I mumble something, too much alienation got me, I didn't even ask for a better photo... a missed op. Although nothing went wrong technically, just me.
APN LOMO - Lubitel 166
Registred camera LOMO Lubitel 166 (Reflex camera)
Orignal filename musiro.jpg


Your project on PH is a lot like your PBase photos (first time I saw it I was like "where the hell did these fish come from?"): what a total change from what we know of you on TE. Where are the color shots from SE Asia?:) Anyway, its a total breath pf fresh air, so different from what we see here, and thats great. A very dreamy photograph beautifully packaged.

The photo has a LOT of depth, even in the pitch black darkness of the frame, of the night. You have turned thge whole uploading process on its head so throughly, Luko, I don't think anyone will know how to judge this, thugh we know we like it, man... Remarkable is the extent to which you are willing to put yourself into the story, even more intimately than before - perhaps the physical integration with the image prompts these deeper insights. Fascinating process - I see echoes of late, late Rimbaud (from Illuminations to Ethipia) and Le Chant du Maldoror...)



Of the series that I have seen so far, this is my favourite photo by some margin.  A really nice example of  the right combination of sharpness and blurr and really nice metering.  I have to admit that my continuing ADD tendencies don't really allow me to enjoy your notes as much as is needed in this series, but again, that is a personal thing.  Once again, I give you kudos for doing this in a very original way.