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Veiled vanity
State of Rajasthan
Two ladies in the city of Jodhpur
Registred camera NIKON F80 with NIKON AF 18-35mm f3.5-5.6 (Reflex camera)
Orignal filename img260.jpg


I may not be as enthusiastic as a nostalgic Animesh over this one (having never been to Rajhastan), but it certainly is a rich shot in terms of information. Also there is so much air in it (for an SLR shot) that one could imagine you shooting it with a rangefinder. I think it might have been better to move the camera down a tad and get more of the women, their feet, the ground there around them,  but I suspect you were keen to include the writing on the banner at the top, right?
Wow Steve! Love this fantastic slice of moment, timeless.  This is how I saw Rajasthan in 1971, and could not see it so on my second visit two years ago. I thought the time was lost.  But here it is.  It could have been a hundred years ago.  I marvel at the position of the women's hands in relation to the empty space ahead of them, and their gestures.  Priceless!