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An old, dirty, scratchy, dusty negative scan. Through the window, at night.
I have been putting three of the pics from this project in draft. I will probably start another theme with them. Been experiencing some trouble in giving a direction to this one, so for right now I think I'll post the more moody/blurred ones here...
APN Minolta Dynax 7000i -
Registred camera Minolta Dynax 7000i with MINOLTA AF DT 35-80 mm F4-5.6 (Bridge/Compact)
Orignal filename phmokacafeflrez_22a_0963.jpg


Michele… It's something absolutely unique… If I have to choose only one but a proper phrase for this photograph, it would be: They don't make such photos anymore ! Yes, it's such a magnificent sample of the good, ol' school of photography. It's a one million years old classic and it's going to stay that way for yet another one million years…

Shall I mark it as a : It doesn't fit the PH spirit ? Actually - it doesn't fit ANY spirit… It's a class in its very own league. If there is anything out of spirit - it could be my critique…

My first time on PH…!!! Please, be gentle …
Quite nice.  An antique Belgian postcard with impressionist touches.
Best, -h.
Yes Michele this is a beautiful picture.
i dont find this pictrure dirty i find it awesome with this texture
and this square format.
Beautiful photograph. Timeless and evocative of a literary atmosphere.Shadows of fading souvenirs, paradoxically remaining forever. Gal

Bonjour Michele!

Le fait que justement la photo soit "sale" comme tu disn apporte énorment de charme a cette photo d'un autre age et donc au site entier. J'aime particulierement la profondeur apportée par le reflet sur la vitre. Merci

Bonour Michele - heureux retour a cette serie a la fois eloquente et sans age... Des echos de Brassai. A+ Francis