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The sculptor
The meeting with this man was a very moving moment, spent long time  to speak with him. This man was an artist, a sculptor, but for few years he is practically paralyzed and cannot exercise any more his art. Certainly the last thing which had to make him live.
Maybe when i reduced this picture the result was a bit to sharp, i reupload the same with 1.5 blur before the reduction.
Thx Francis
Registred camera CANON Canon EOS 5D with CANON EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:5 - 1/100 - 400 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename reupload_7330blur.jpg


I'm with Steve here, it's a nice photo, nothing wrong technically, it's just not up to par with your usual work.  The story is not clear, without your note I would not know that this man was an artist or that he was paralyzed. 

Sorry man,
Sad words Simon but for me the image doesn't really work. I'm sure I'll be in the minority here but a paralised sculptor in his one time atelier should have been portrayed in a more powerfull, less suble way. I mean I don't see that he's paralised do I...
I think it's the weakest composition in your beautiful series so far. Perhaps you have a different pov of this man in his atelier??
Interesting. The sculptor is paralyzed and of course so is the statue on the left.
This is how this double subject gets all its meaning. Great picture.
It is increasingly a mystery to me my dear Simon why some truly worthy and revealing pictures just don't attract any attention on the site. I took the trouble to read your unusually explicit and careful note along with the picture and I think you've got a powerful package there in what I think is one of your best series, all in all. You intelligently display the "work" front and center and then show the m,an almost "lurking" behind, a ghost in his own studio, no longer able to perform. Very strong work, I know you worked the angles on this one, probably took a whole series of shots and finally settled on this one.
A worthy addition to this gritty project.

ps J'ajouterais qu'elle est d'une grande subtilite cette image, SImon et qu'elle plairait beaucoup a mes "cousins" du japon... C'est ce genre de travail plus "suggestif" qu'explicatoire qui plait beaucoup ici. Moi aussi j'apprecie, beaucoup.

pps. Cete photo me fascine (il y a quelquechose du cinema de Kurozawa la-dedans, je peux pas expliquer... Une suggestion cependant: ton traitement est si possible un peu trop lucide, trop "sharp" je pense qu'un peu plus de flou, un effet summilux 35 ;o) ou meme si tu t'etais servi de ton fabuleux 35 F1.4... la poesi en serait encore plus ressortie. Tu vois ou je veux en venir - ce n'est pas unhe grosse critique remarque, juste une suggestion, c'est tout.