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Armed escort
This soldier was assigned to us for our safety in the town of Madyan. The authorities keep strict track on you while in Pakistan. Kidknapped foreigners are bad PR. I often felt a little uneasy when one of these guys is sitting next to you, playing with his kalashnikov, in a small taxi driving over a bumpy road.
To be honest I never felt unsafe during the 1 month in Pakistan. I my opinion the people of the North West Frontier by the Afghan border are among the most hospitable you can ever hope to meet. The frase " welcome to my house, I'll protect you with my life" is one I heard often. And you can be sure they mean it. After welcoming you with tea you'll then be taken to the gun collection of the house...strange place
Registred camera NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D70 with NIKON AF 18-35mm f3.5-5.6 (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:7.1 - 1/125 - 200 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename _dsc7318.jpg


Hi Steve, impressive image!! wow, the POV is absolutely wonderful! the eye goes directly on the machine gun i will be back soon in your wonderful gallery ciao Valeria
hello Steve,

A strange world ... i can imagine you don't really feel safe with that gun next to you. strong image and compo with the gun as an eyecatcher. Very journalistic work !
greetings, inn
hello Steve
Strong photograph. It can be nice in b&w too.
A 'far east' place for me. Thanks.
Cool crop here, Steve, a solid documentary shot that really sucks you into the scene. The hospitality in PK is legendary and I'm sure extends to the wild territories but then Daniel Pearl was lured into a trap and savagely beheaded over there so...there is that too isn't there? I've also heard that many of the heavy hassles of ordinary Indian life (touts, beggars, all that kind of stuff) is largely absent in Pakistan, much to visitor's relief. On the other hand I guess a shot of whisky is harder to come by...;o)