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Remaining the Bastille in the 12th

14th of july, Bastille day, I thought it was  the accurate day to upload a photo of the Bastille place located in the 12th districtn in front of the new Opera building.

No Bastille remaining left, as you see, or probably just a simple spirit, the one that is perched on top of the Bastille column, or the one that every five years or so, pushes the parisian people in the streets to march against the government and go on strike.

(Sorry to all,  not really much time for either commenting or taking photos these days..) 

Registred camera LEICA M6 with LEICA Summicron M 50mm f/2 (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:/11 - 1/250 - 400 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename bastille.jpg


hehehe if the French strike every 5 years or so, you can call me Polly... It should say that every 5 years or the French are actually NOT on strike, but only till "Quatorze Juillet" when they suddenly remember to be against something again ;o)...

For nine months I had a stage in a castle just outside Paris about ten years ago now, ten! years mannn time flies. Every weekend we went to Paris and some times we took a cheap, dirty hotel 1 block away from the Bastille column great nightlife in the small streets surrounding that place, good memories helping out in a pub called the 'the soul kitchen' for free drinks in the night and coffee and a crouque monsieur as breakfast sunday morning eeeh sunday afternoon ;o)

take it easy
What I like is the ironic title...nothing here can make us to imagine that there was "The Bastille"...As Francis says, here we can find the emptines. There are only the man with the cell phone, the cycler, and the lines on the ground giving a litle composition (a simply but effectivenes composition). It's not one of my prefes from you, and I think that the contrast is a little too much hard (black is too much black over the white), but any way it works well in your projet.

Hasta la vista,

It's funny, man, there's  a shyness, almost a prudish reticence surrounding pictures that are not composed with the usual impact. I'm reaching a point in my tortured thinking about all this where I think deliberate emptiness in the fame probably ahs a meaning (at least among the members in THIS site). For me this one is, rightly, all abut "absence", about the fact that what anglos inisist on calling "Bastille Day" even though, oh my God! there is absolutely no trace of the old fortress. Seen in conjunction with your note, it's a very funny, ironic shot, it does what it was meant to do...