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i wanted to upload this last picture, to close this project about monkeys and Lopburi.
I was fortunate to be able to be there at the right time.
APN Canon Canon EOS 5D
Registred camera CANON Canon EOS 5D with CANON EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM (Reflex camera)
Orignal filename img_6506.jpg


This one I already commented before leaving PH, but I insist on doing it again. I'm just in love with it.

No more needs to be said.
Hi Simon, what a wonderful timing here! woow!
i like a lot the moment captured
Hehe love it, a slight shame we can't see the monkeys face...but everything else is just so perfect in the image that I think I can let that minor detail slip.
Hi Simon, What a speed little guy. But you were here with the ideal DOF and the picture is great. It looks like Timon in the King Lion (sorry about that, kid stuff....). I will try to fly like that next time I want to catch a bus...Limule
Salut l'artiste.
Tu vas bien ?
Ca y est, je crois que je suis de retour pour de bon ;)

Terrible ce moment que t'as capturé. Ca c'est du moment figé...c'est fou.
Va falloir que tu m'expliques..... y a un gars à droite qui vient de lacher le singe et un autre qui vient de tirer le cone ? :)
Le genre de photo que personne d'autre pourra faire, le moment magique d'un instant....magnifiqiue

Hello Simon,
impressionnant instantané qui se joue de la gravité !
Excellent comme le cône équilibre l'image en penchant dans l'autre sens !

Salut Simon, your apes never cease to amuse me either, that orange street sign/cone is superb as it is to tumble down while Mr Monkey is caught mid-air with superb precision, hehe--a lovely little offering--next time tell the monkey to just jump an inch lower ;-)


A delicious moment!  You clearly anticipated the moment and caught it with perfect timing.  Bravo!

This photo could be used as an elementary physics lesson in conservation of momentum :-)
Now that's a moment Simon, not sure I'll every see this in America...although, maybe Winogrand thought the same thing and he took a few photos of monkeys on the street in America. nailed this shot. Great skill given the action going on here. The outstretched monkey and leaning cone are a wonderful combination.
Get out of here, Monkey.  We've seen enough of you!  Fanstastic three-element photo, suprisingly in the portrait orientation, perfect, split-second timing.  The recoil of the cone from the jump is unbelievable.  What a great project, Simon.  I'm so glad to have discovered it right here at the final leap.  Best, -Hugh

Oh yeaaaah!!!! The Adrenaline moment for this monkey. Great timing and perfect composition for a picture where you didn't have many time to think.

Colours and lights, as usual, I like a lot.

Hasta la vista,


hello Simon,

Awesome image.  You were indeed fortunate.  I like the orange cone falling ... strange effect !
greetings, inn
Wow, Simon, what a shot! Timing and "pique" perfect. Splendid way to end this off-beat, sad-funny and unique project.

That's just excellent Simon. You''ve captured the jump perfectly and the tilted cone lets you know that the monkey jumped from that position but also creates a bizarre even funny effect to the shot.

Really cool shot