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do you think that monkeys can feel lonely sometime, even they live in a city.
APN Canon Canon EOS 5D
Registred camera CANON Canon EOS 5D with CANON EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM (Reflex camera)
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Not sure I see him feeling lonely here (though you know him better than I do ;-o) ).  Maybe like one of those construction workers on a break watching the girls go by.  Or a michevous kid, getting ready to drop something on a passerby's head.
il est trsitounai ton singe, et oui c'est normal il est privé de forêt à cause de qui et bien de nous voyons alors il a de quoi avoir le blues du singe.
J'aime bien la compo au grand angle , les teintes a la simon sont toujours d'une grande douceur avec un zeste de vert.

Funny and sombre simultaneously, wonderful color.  The close approach, miraculously, does not appear to alarm the little fella! Very nice.
11/21/2007 series:) Although I dont think this is quite as good as #1 which was really impactful and dynamic. This guy just seems so bored, its not giving me the same energy as the first upload in the series Simon. Also, is the focus not a tad soft on the monkey? Not sure though. Though I think it fits in the flow so far as theres a sort of similarity with #2. Still, with only 3 uploads its tough to judge a project.
Believe it or not, that blue advertisement banner is the perfect background for your subject. Without it, our beloved friend would seem even more lost in the middle of that creamy/gray/concrete building. I love the light shining over the sadness of the monkey and its expression. So human once again. But that stroke of blue is really a bliss here.
Salut Khun Fly! I like this one well enough... it fits the title like a glove but it suffers from some weaknesses in relation to the first two. A9 There is an awful lot of "air" above his head in the vertical frame (I am often reprimanded for that very same thing - I had a lot of problems of this sort using the 5D with all that room in the viewfinder ;o). 2) is head is absolutely centered from left to right and I'm not sure a more off-center positioning might not have been better. For most people this would be a great shot. For Simon Kolton, it is merely good...

Wow, Simon, this is a gripping shot of urban alienation, really curious that it features a monkey, but true, so humanoid, so full of sadness. The angle, the vertical format, the colours are excellent to emphasize the faceless, cold architecture (especially with those bars!) and the inanity of consumerism with that ad behind... clearly this is a shot of homelessness... gripping, haunting, with a perfect exposure. A FAV.

Unlike Stef, i am very happy that you included such a bangkok background with its electric lines, its billboards... The perfect inclusion of the monkey inside the poster just behind it is an icing on the cake for me! or the detail that kills,as we'd say in french! It does look lonely in this very urban setting, clearly not made to fit his needs! I am really very enthusiastic about this series... clearly a favorite but 'i'll still wait till the end!...

Il est marrant ce cadrage Simon. J'aurais préféré justement cadrer sur la tete du singe...
J'aime beaucoup la position "flasque" mais, de mon point de vue, je trouve que l'immeuble n'apporte pas grand chose.

Il faudrait pouvoir renommer les projets!! dans ton cas, ce serait plutot Lopburi Blues :o)


Tu prétends que c'est un singe, mais je ne vois qu'un auto-portrait de Simon, triste d'avoir quitté le rythme trépidant de Paris, les grèves, les grandes gueules, la baguette, le béret... Allez, Simon, tu en as pour trois mois de quarantaine seulement. Cette série a tout pour me plaire et je me réjouis de découvrir où tu veux nous emmener. Je te vois bien en Mowgli parmi les singes, chantant allègrement Il en faut..peu pour être heureux, vraiment très peu pour être heureux... C'est bleu comme le ciel, mais il s'agit de l'histoire de qui? Des singes ou de tous ceux qui s'ennuient du haut de leur perchoir citadin?