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The Blue of Gupo
Korea, South
I've been to this place several times now. The 'tunnel' leadin down to the sidewalk (or up to the subway) is of a blue hue, the strength of which depends on the position of the sun. It's a bit an oddity in terms of architecture. It just sticks out and is the only one of its kind along the whole of the subway. It's quite a contrast to the pink lights of a certain street a couple of blocks away.
Registred camera NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D200 (Reflex camera)
EXIF information f:5,6 - 10/600 - 200 ISO  (no flash)
Orignal filename bigblue2.jpg


a great addition to the series, a nice play on colors and forms again! and this time an element of humanity in the background;-)
Hi Will,
excellent work with lines and curves, well composed.
You add a human element in the right place.
Good graphical work.

Hi Will, i remember this image and i like it a lot...
a very nice blue and a great composition..
i like a lot the game of the roof
very good

An interesting shot, a bit of a foil to one of mine in my subway project. very graphic work and superb color.
The care that you put into each shot is obvious, Will, and it pays off, big time. Another fine study in perspective verging on vertigo. Very disciplined work. Solid.
Another shot, another color, another stair,
a good add to your project

Good continuation of your projet. The same subject (the steps that goes down), but in this case the architecture shown is really different, and the colours gives a nice contrast with your first one.
But in this picture; at the opposite of your first, were I would prefer to see a shadow or someone downstairs; I am not sure that the person goes well. I don't know, may be I would prefer with out, because there is not too much place for her, and this picture is heavy in details and lines.
In any way, interesting way to see the underground architecture.

Hasta la vista,