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Lisan Jutras
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Glad to see some old friends.

When last I was photographing, I worked from home and I had lots of time. Now I work at an office and I have little time -- photographing becomes a bigger challenge. Then (as I write this) winter comes. The challenge grows again. I still feel as passionate as I always have but I have less to show. 

When I see a photo from a different culture I try to translate it with my eyes: I try to imagine the people I'm looking at are people I might find around the corner, and the scenery is something I could see out my window. If the photo is still arresting, I know it's a good one. I try not to be wooed by novelty. But it's never that straightforward...

Part of my philosophy comes from being stuck in my own city and having no access to places like India and Thailand. Somehow it seems so much easier to take good pictures while travelling -- is it because we, the viewer, are more drawn in by what is exotic? Or is it because we, the photographer, are uninspired by the stuff that surrounds us every day? A bit of both, I reckon. So here I am in cold Toronto, trying to feel inspired and show you the exotic that lurks in my humble northern city.

BTW, you may still call me Miss Pup. In fact, I rather miss it.