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A while back in another thread Luko put his finger on a nagging challenge of project work: those "link images" that, though in themselves rather underwhelming, not to say a little boring, help transition the story forth. I think this is one of the toughest challenges proud, one-shot-at-a-time photogs can face. We are so conditioned to "putting our best foot forward" that we are understandably reluctant to slip in a "bland pic" just because it will make the overall story more intellligible. Psychologically I believe we are all conditioned to holding on to certain myths such as this one: that somewhere in our magic bag there is a brilliant transitional pic that will blow everyone away when in fact the only one that can do the job is, well... rather on the plain side. Let me go further if I might - while shooting the project we may actually have to [u]deliberately[/u] take plain pictures for that very purpose, something that completely goes against our grain. This is a difficult area where I personally could do with some help [i]in medias res[/i], and where once again I think individual commenting while a project is developing is of the utmost importance. Saying to a fellow: "Look, I know you want to dazzle with every shot, but you're really not telling the story with this one. Don't you have something blander hat might do the job? My 02 cents. Other opinions very welcome indeed.
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I'm not sure transitional means bland, it's just a pause within two actions. Piano in between alegretto, could be the overture too. Maybe we've got different definitions about what is transitional. For me, currently taking my breakfast in Reunion island, after a 11h no sleep flight, waiting for my room to be ready, at that paticular moment, I intend by transitional a picture that is not exactly burning hot on topic, either like a detail or a view from the backseat (or the backstage, depends where you are). Peripheric might be a better word for that... but I am also VERY foggy right now. I've seen very good transitional shots here, they could either be introductive (like for instance Miss Pup's 747 in Papeete) or leading us from one stage to the other like Jinju's blurred bride.
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Fully agree, of course a "detail" shot or one suggestive of movement, or physical transition between one state and another, will work fine. I deliberately wanted to STRESS the need for a willingness to have shots that are, if not actually "Bland", not Pullitxer Prixe winners ;o) Yu now what I mean... Hope all is going fine with you in the Reunion and look forward to the resulting pics. I think we all do... Take care.