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I finally received a letter from the Nikon Gallery: [i]"Dear Sir: After the most careful deliberation, we regret to inform you that your project "The Crescent and the Lotus" has not been accepted for exhibition at the Nikon Salon at this time. However we encourage you to try again very soon."[/i] Fortunately when I went to pick up my prints today I met with my friend at Nikon, a young lady photographer on the staff at the gallery. She told me that my project almost made it though, that it was in the last group of 5 or so submissions, out of which only one was selected. I was encouraged to try again and I think I will. I learned a lot about printing so all is not lost. I also learned that 40 A3 prints is a lot of photography, that is a large project to sustain... Food for thought anyway... ps. The TITLE was a joke - they could care less what I use to hang myself with... edited by Furachan on 20/11/2009 edited by Furachan on 24/11/2009