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I have the pleasure to announce my photographic exhibition, about the projet: "Morocco Road Movie". I want to thank you sincerely, because this exhibition has began here in Photoholik. This projet has been worked here during many time, and I have completed the exhibition with some more pictures. Any way, your comments has been a great great help to improve the projet, and finally, to make reality the exhibition in a Photographique galery. It's a B&W work and the pictures are showed in large size: 40x50 and 50x70. If someone of you can come to Switzerland this time, near Lausanne, it will be a pleasure to show you the work. You can see a part of this work here in Photoholik, but if you wants to see the complet projet you can see in my personal website: at the "Morocco Road Movie" portfolio. Hasta la vista! PS: I hope one day I will have more time to post some picture. But nowaday it's hard with the work and my twins... They grow up very well, but they have a little too much energy ;-) Xavis
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Congratulation Xavis for this exhibition :) i wish i could see but i am in Thailand for few month, wish you all the best and also to the twin :)
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Congratulations ! ;) Difficult for me to come. Maybe next time for your exihb in Paris ;) nono
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FELICIDADES Javier! :cheers: Well deserved I'm sure - the few shots I have seen of this series really impressed me. Hasta la vita amigo! Francis edited by Furachan on 19/11/2009