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I guess somewhat in connection with some of the "....wanted" threads in the last few weeks I would like to know who can join the site, is it by invitation only, who can invite and how? Not sure if the goal of the owners is to get a bit busier on this site, just seems a bit quiet. Thank you
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Hello Peter everybody can Join the site Peter But the site is private, that ùean if someone want to join the site, he to send a small text, and 5 pictures. We wanted this way, because we care about the quality of picture and the site. We also want to protect every member here from some boing stuff. I guess some of us have a experiance with another site... If you have some photographer you are thinking about, you can always propose. Yes some day Holik is a bit quiet, the site have one year maybhe need more time. But we are still happy we the quality for now. Photoholik will have some new option in 2009