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In Japan we have two levels of reality constantly in play: TATEMAE - which is "official reality", or the polite world of white lies and received ideas. HONNE: which is what you really think deep down. I'd like to start a survey about "why we photograph", what it is that drives us to hit those streets and shoot perfect strangers hour after hour? Let me start it off with a dual answer, in true Japanese style: TATEMAE answer: Because I am deeply interested in people and cultures and want to share what I've discovered with others. HONNE answer: (Truly I'm not THAT interested in other cultures). Out of a mix of shyness and mysanthropy I want to CONTROL the anarchy of the streets very much like a movie director. Over to you, compadres!
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to help world peace:guns:
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if I can't get peace I will photograph because I like it:bong:
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Machismo! Someone who is a graying fifty something with unruly hair (one has a nasty suspicion that he may be balding at the top, but he never looks lest it be true), bespectacled, lost in mid-stride, disheveled, is hard to be taken seriously. So he snipes, just so that someone notices his machismo :cool: edited by AnimeshRay on 02/12/2008
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Because, like most photographers, I am a voyeur. I like my 'window on the world' and I'd like to think that one day I'll produce an image that's worth looking at.
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Tatemae: Striving to acheive a level of success in any field of the arts, I push myself harder and harder, never satisfied with the results for any period of time. This drive finally brought me to photography, to which I felt I was drawn more than any of my other endeavors...even music (sortof). Trying to reconcile my natural shyness with my OCD like need to overcompensate, I noticed when behind a lens...I really didn't care. I was introduced to a whole new world; a world in which I walked every day but never fully experienced. Now those faces and ordinary haunts are small expeditions into the unknown...a small bit of exploration in an increasingly explored world. These pictures are mine, my experience may relate, but you weren't there... Honne: I might meet a cute girl that will let me take pictures of her boobs. :shocked: edited by prezntime on 05/12/2008
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A this time, I mostly photography my son :)
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Why I photography ?...mmmmmmh... ?????.....I think, sometimes I want to capture the moment and the soul of the moment, to keep the remember of this moment...other times I like to create the moment and the soul of a moment that doesn't exist in the outside reality, ...but inside me... May be photography is a kind of play between the outside and the inside world, may be there is not barrier between both them...or the barrier is me when I don't feel, because in both case I have to feel what I do,...if I just took pictures as an sniper...never I have done I picture that brings me something to feel.