Team Project / February 2010
Lonliness Proposed by
I think a simple visual representation of lonlinless would make for a good broad subject. This will also allow Holikers to show how different people see lonliness. (I'm really not this somber, know, winter and all...)
flydragon    i was...
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prezntime    Kansas City
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AnimeshRay    Lonliness
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nOt ThErE yEt    The cabin
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stevev1    man on bridge
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Furachan    Another scorching day
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brian    Missing
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njosnavelin    Market day
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brian    Drank
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AnimeshRay    Lonliness
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nOt ThErE yEt    The cabin
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stevev1    man on bridge
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prezntime    Kansas City
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Furachan 3/3/2010 10:59:59 AM
 It doesn't come better than this, Simon. Masterful

flydragon 2/22/2010 10:09:31 AM
i am not sure about this one Brian, i dont feel something about loneliness here, 

flydragon 2/22/2010 10:08:16 AM
alway so sad to see old people, i guess so many are alone, thx for the add in the project

flydragon 2/22/2010 10:06:32 AM
all about texture here , thi man arrive soon at the end , life look like a long road.

flydragon 2/22/2010 10:05:16 AM
we are on the  subject Steve good add on the team project. just one thing i am not crazy is about the blur effect you added and the strange soft border.

njosnavelin 2/20/2010 3:57:43 PM
Hi Brian,
mmmh, not sure about this...the day looks drab, but the young man's expression does not convey to me a sense of  loneliness...then again that is so subjective and very personal.  I like the composition.

njosnavelin 2/20/2010 3:47:14 PM
What can I say ? It's all there, Simon,,.masterful work.  Deeply moving, Hats off.

brian 2/19/2010 5:13:07 AM
Where else can you see a ghost in a ghost town with a UFO? ;)
In all due respect, this photo is great. 

prezntime 2/18/2010 2:17:32 PM
Nice Animesh. Definately has the quality of a lonely end to life. The compo is real nice, with all of the verticals mirroring the man as he walks away. Good shot.

fixed 2/10/2010 5:09:32 PM
@ Chris
The photograph was uploaded by Michelle but the last month for "Self Portraits". We have a problem on the slideshow with the team project ... Stéphane will see what happened, but he's full of work :(
I'm quite affraid ... I feel alone ... you know Lonliness is for me ;)

prezntime 2/10/2010 4:14:12 PM
We cannot see Pascals shot up here, but when looking in the slide show it's there...any ideas on that Nono?

prezntime 2/10/2010 4:13:14 PM
Interesting, this cabin in the desert with statues all around. The shadow in foreground really preserves the shot for me; providing a lead into the shot.

prezntime 2/10/2010 4:07:50 PM
Wow Pacal, crazy...I couldn't imagine living my life in a box...although it feels that way with work. I love me some pork, but I'd rather they be happy pigs... ;?}

prezntime 2/10/2010 4:05:40 PM
That is lonely Steve. Love the shimmering color on the pathway in the foreground.

fixed 2/2/2010 11:25:16 PM
So cold environement, agree with Simon sad photograph.

fixed 2/2/2010 11:22:03 PM
Very touching ! Portraits record in this photo. Awesome Simon !

Xavis 2/2/2010 10:23:50 PM
La scéne est très forte, mais c'est la scéne avec le titre que donne la magnitude. En effet, on regard la scéne et on voit ce que l'entoure, ses on a un bon frison de solitude pour elle.
Belle et triste par ce qu'elle évoque.

Hasta la vista,


flydragon 2/2/2010 5:18:47 PM
sad but right in the project the brick wall give a nice texture . it was a good choice to hide  his face, it make thi picture more terrific.

prezntime 2/1/2010 11:52:19 PM
Great Simon, that portrait in the back on the wall...the lounging cat. Fantastic. I'll have one to put up tonight, just got to get some things done...

flydragon 2/1/2010 10:20:24 PM
anybody there :)   lonely  lalala lonely ...