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mking ©   The struggles of a visionary wedding photographer
A wedding photographer strikes a melodramatic pose in an effort to remind his 'clients' that they're paying for HIS artistic VISION and they'll run this bridal shoot the way he ENVISAGES it...

[***He was actually an ostensibly pleasant and conscientious fellow from what I could gather observing him work*** In no way is this photograph an actual reflection of his demeanour!].

I was actually just goofing around at my university during a photowalk with some friends when a wedding party appeared. I deliberately framed this in a manner that I wouldn't normally photograph strangers--with a telephoto lens from far away because i didn't want to become a hinderance. Suddenly the photographer turned his head towards me during conversation with the couple and I froze his contorted face. I just thought that the bride's reaction to him was priceless.