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  Bhargab / © Bhargab Chakraborty      Project : Mountains
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  Bhargab / © Bhargab Chakraborty      Project : The City of Joy
Kolkata is called the city of joy because of the strong bonding among its people, rich culture and immense enthuciasm. This project is aimed towards capturing the various moods and glimpses of the city life
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  Bhargab / © Bhargab Chakraborty      Project : People
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  Bhargab / © Bhargab Chakraborty      Project : Chennai Moods
Chennai, a prominent metro city in South India. The land of the Tamils, AR Rehman, Idlis and Dosas, high class vegetarian food etc. etc. I moved down to this city a year back, and since then trying to capture different moods of this city. Here are some glimpses
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