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  ALSOM / © Alain So       Projet : Le Louvre
Back to street photography, it has been a long time. 

One of my favorite spots for photography: museums.  I heard that the museum direction has attempted to forbid photography inside the museum itself. Finally they dropped the idea after visitors complains. 

All photo were taken with my iPhone mobile phone.
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  Furachan / © Francis Harrison       Projet : City of djinns
On my first morning in Delhi I took a deep breath and plunged into the complex chaos that is Old Delhi. By 9:30 I had made my way to the enormous, imposing Jama Masjid Mosque. In spite of or perhaps because of its crushing size I was not fond of the great mosque. The staff were downright rude and only interested in squeezing money out of a wondering photog...

More significantly two days later at the very same place where I entered the mosque a fanatical jihadist on the back of a motorbike started spraying innocent ...
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  luisduarte / © luis duarte       Projet : Huzun, melancholy of Istanbul
"The huzun of Istambul is not just the mood evoked by its music and its poetry, it is a way of looking at life that implicates us all, not only a spiritual state but a state of mind that is ultimately as life-affirming as it is negating. The Melancholy of Istanbul is huzun!"
Orhan Pamuk

(Istanbul 2008)
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  Furachan / © Francis Harrison       Projet : Parhaganj Lost
Spreading out behind New Delhi Station is the seedy, anarchic backpackers' center known as Pahaganj. It's not somewhere I'd recommend for anyone to stay in but photographically it is fascinating on several levels. I went there on a sponsored walk organized by the Salaam Balak Trust, an NGO looking after hundreds of street kids who hang out around the huge railway station, surviving as touts, pickpockets and whatnot.

Pahaganj stands out precisely because of it's overwhelming messiness, itsenergy, that pulse ...
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  fixed / © Arnaud DE       Projet : Persistence
Third part of the global project in Benares.
I hope you do not yawn too much :)
It's a new baby project.
Definitly I'm not sure that the all photographs works with each others.
Advice(s) and feeling are very welcome.
In any case thank you for all the words I received in the first two part.
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  Furachan / © Francis Harrison       Projet : Saffron mornings
Khari Baoli in Old Delhi, is the largest spice market in the world, and it is as quintessentially Indian as anything else you're likely to stumble into in that stately capital.

On two separate mornings I wandered around Khari Baoli. The first time I got there with the help of a savvy rickshaw driver who guided me all the way up to the roof of the thing, from which you could see the neighboring mosque and half of Old Delhi. This was several hours before opening time and I saw an entire community of day laborers ...
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Isle Be Seeing You
A little island in the sea, where you can be you and we can be we.  Amid the clave and the guaguancó, las noches de arena, los suspiros de las sirenas.  No te vayas, chico.  Quedate con las brisas y la feliz tristeza de tu querido Puerto Rico.
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  Furachan / © Francis Harrison       Projet : Working the tandoor
Just behind the smart guest house where I stayed in a leafy district of South Delhi was a humble restaurant with no menu, just the ability to serve great veggie food like dal fry and fresh baked chapatis...

As I finished my first meal there one night, I noticed how deep the building was, extending trough several rooms all the way down to a tandoor oven where a sweating man kept the chapati bead coming. The mixed lighting and textured green walls strongly appealed to me and on a whim I asked the owner if I could ...
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  piscografia / © luis pisco       Projet : Hospital Music

During the World Cup 2006, the House of Music, Porto,  promoted ...

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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot       Projet : along those lines
a series on a pedestrian and train bridge crossing the Antwerp motorway                                                                               

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