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  Stig / © Will Jackson       Projet : Around Ansan
No story here. Just a collection of images from around Ansan, the town where I'm currently 'stationed' at during my great Korean tour of public schools...
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Mindialaneous
These are just some individual photos from India I wanted to upload.  Please excuse the lack of project rigor.  In fact, please excuse the lack of rigor in general. ;)
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Jaipur Jive
Just hanging out in the rad radial of Rajasthan.  Palaces and forts and a lot of chillin' in the 45 degree heat....

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  Stig / © Will Jackson       Projet : In and Around Bangkok
Spent a relaxing 10 days in Laos recently. I traveled with friends and didn't really have many opportunities to get off by myself. I did have a couple of days to myself at the end of the trip and wandered around Chinatown (and other places) during Chinese New Year.

I traded in my Sammy EVIL and picked up the Nikon D7000 before I left and loaded my trusty old 35mm f2 lens (50mm equivalent). I think I might invest in a 24mm lens though as I'm always wanting something just a little bit wider.

I've tried ...
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  partha / © Partha Pal       Projet : Same Place,Different Time
There is a little village named Aduria. It is situated in Birbhum District of West Bengal, India. In Daytime it looks very simple but as the time of sunset comes the place looks dramatic. I had gone several times at the same time at the place and took some different moods..........Hope I will go lot more times there at the same time and at the same place......
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : The Company of Men
It's India Inc.  It's a man's world, boys and girls.                                                                        

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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Indo Hush
stands still.                                                                                                                                                                        ...
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  flydragon / © Simon Kolton       Projet : Seen in the street II
Yes the street can offert so many pictures, i have to open a second project :)
i will try to follow the spirit of the first project and keep posting in Black and white.
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  prantik / © Prantik Mazumder       Projet : Maroc
Spent ten nights in Morocco during the holiday break. Flew into Casablanca on the 25th of Dec, spent one night, took the train next morning to Marrakech. Spent three nights in Marrakech which included a day trip to Essaouira, a small fishing town on the Atlantic coast. Then moved to Fes where I spent another three nights. Next stop Chefchaouen, a small hippie town in the Rif mountains. After spending two nights there I moved to Tangier. Two more nights there, then crossed the strait and went to Granada, Spain. Flew back home ...
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot       Projet : WORK
A tribute to the workers.

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