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  piscografia / © luis pisco       Projet : Suburban landscapes, or the unspeakable poetry
... of surrounding areas
The suburbs of Porto have a personality of its own, entirely distinct from the ...
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot       Projet : Durga
Idol making and transportation in Kumartuli.

I'm redoing the Durga Puja series, with a new selection of images and dispite the riot of colors only black&white...
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot       Projet : stuff for projects

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  juzo / © Justin Button       Projet : Deluge

From August last year it started raining, and it simply never stopped. Over 5 months there was barely a fine day. By January, a flood came, in Queensland the flood areas were larger than the size of Germany and France combined. The flood also reached Brisbane, where I reside, and here I wanted to document the experience a little. From some shots of the incessant rain form 2010, to the flood itself.

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  nOt ThErE yEt / © Cristian Tomescu       Projet : Saigon nocturnes
Well, what can I say, just night walks in this vibrant, chaotic city.  Not a particularly beautiful nor a cultural metropolis, it seems all business, 90% mopeds (thank God, otherwise nothing would move), but with a distinct SE Asian character.   I tried to get away as much as I could from fashionable Lam Son Square and Park Hyatt where I was staying to areas such as Binh Than and Cholon (China Town), where hardly any tourist sets foot (at least I did not see any). Tips for crossing streets:  take a deep breath, ...
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  Furachan / © Francis Harrison       Projet : Jishuku
On the surface, life has is returning to normal, that is to say the Japanese are rushing to the morning trains, pushing and shoving to get to the kaisha on time. They're wearing the same old suits, they have their game face on... But underneath some things have changed forever.

Hundreds of aftershocks following the Big One have badly rattled our nerves. People are sleeping badly, the stress at work is palpable. The need to conserve electricity because of the mess at the Fuskushima nuclear plant means we work in darkness, ...
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  kaparu2 / © Kev Ryan       Projet : A Testament To Madness
A city centre controlled and patrolled by troops, watched over by machine gun posts and snipers. The shops are boarded and deserted and 19,000 people have moved out to conduct their lives and business elsewhere. They have been displaced by just 500 people who have declared it their right to be there. They are guarded by 2,000 troops. Now and again shots ring out, sometimes more than a few. There are tragic consequences. In the ghost town of old Hebron only the dogs seem truly at ease.
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  piscografia / © luis pisco       Projet : Lost Generation
A song, a manifesto posted on Facebook and 800 comments was enough to move about 350.000 people of all ages who on last March 12 2011 in several portuguese cities spoke out their unhappiness an revolt against unemployment, low incomes and the lack of expectation in the future.
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Time After Time
The inexorable slayer of dragons.  The undeniable drinker of oceans.  The indefatigable dreamer of escape.  Breaker of rocks, smoother of gems, smasher of lives, progenitor of identities, rock star of the galaxies.
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  bombilla / © Hugh Siegel       Projet : Quake
Images for friends battling sea and sky and earth and invisible foes and destiny.                                                             Good luck.
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