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Name : Emmanuel Smague smague.fr
Country : France
Member since : 11/09/2008
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I have been photographing daily life in various countries, mainly Irak, Georgia, Central Asia, Mongolia... basing my photography along themes such as trains, gypsies, nomadic peoples...
A book of my photographs taken in Iraqi Kurdistan is published by "Les Editions de Juillet", and is available at this address : http://www.editionsdejuillet.com/?id_page=190

Exhibitions :

2009 "Transversales" Little Big Galerie, Paris.
2009 "Le soleil dans les yeux", Le Carré d’Art, Chartres de Bretagne.
2007 "Parenthèses", L’Imagerie, Lannion.
2006 "Portraits of the World", Centre Arthur Rimbaud, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.


Last photographs of Emmanuel Smague
Good morning!
© Emmanuel Smague  smague.fr
Project : Nomadic peoples
Hussaynia refugee camp 2/3
© Emmanuel Smague  smague.fr
Project : Iraqi Kurdistan
Meriko - 76 ans
© Emmanuel Smague  smague.fr
Project : Georgia

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