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Name : Luko G-R Luko
Country : France
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Elephant killer.

As a general principle, and how I -me, myself, personally- see this site, I won't comment on standalone or day to day photos, because I think the real value of this site is about projects.

So here are my statements.

On my comments : 

Most of us know a thing or two about shooting pictures... and if you don't, well, there might have been a casting error... Hence I don't think that other than expressing personal tastes and for what it's worth, giving an advice on a single photo out from its context is relevant. 

Given this, I will only start giving my advice on projects (or photos connected to a project) :
1- whenever a project has reached a minimum of 10 photos,
2- for short stories of 5 to 10 photos, whenever the photographer has mentioned his project is finished.

On my uploads :

I'll try to post something down here, once I get a grasp on the way to post a project as a whole. Once again, they should be viewed as a general story. 

Last photographs of Luko G-R
© Luko G-R  Luko
Project : Heart of Darkness
© Luko G-R  Luko
Project : Heart of Darkness
Mama's in the kitchen
© Luko G-R  Luko
Project : Heart of Darkness

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