Time for dinner

AmiBe / © Pascal Boegli - 09/03/2008 21:13:02 project: People of the lake \ Africa \ Malawi \ Mangochi District
This man is preparing his dinner before going on the lake for fishing during the night.
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06/04/2008 16:58    from : Bip-Bip
Une belle invitation au voyage en Afrique avec ce symbolique baobab et cette teinte chaude
ça donne envie de s'asseoir près de lui et de partager ce moment

27/03/2008 14:38    from : brevbrev14
Il ike this image Pascal, the warm tones are so good and the light on the subject too..
i like this simple scene of daily life...
very good use of low POV

25/03/2008 15:29    from : korki
what i like a lot in this one is that "almost red" light on the guy's face and on everything around him basicly... hi pascal... the low pov works well to show the well balanced compo, especialy the trees behind in all their glory... good job indeed...


18/03/2008 17:55    from : vapours
Great angle here, and even though he is obviously much poorer than us, you give him the respect and in a way I feel like I wouldnt mind trying out his lifestyle. Excellent golden touch thanks to the sun as well.

12/03/2008 11:38    from : marietom
Bonjour Pascal,

Que j'aime les baobabs, tu en as là deux très beaux exemplaires. Joli portrait.

10/03/2008 18:30    from : proxilva

Ciao Pascal,

It seems like i missed some previous shots of this nice series, but the slideshow has brought me up to date in no time :o)... And i can tell you what i saw in the slideshow is of exellent quality...

Relaxed is probably the keyword sofar... and this shot only adds to that, great shot great series sofar and the tittle reminds me it's time to put some water on for the pasta ;o)

bon apetite

10/03/2008 10:02    from : flydragon
yes a nice scene, of course nice light.
the baobab in bacground is great.
have you share is diner ,o)


10/03/2008 09:47    from : Terrapin
Hello Pascal,
So beautiful light around the scene made the moment very attractive...This light gives a warm tones to the colors and the tree made a nice background.Very nice and realistic portrait for sure...

10/03/2008 01:34    from : jinju

Hi Pascal,

this fits well into your narrative. 5 photos, 2 portraits but very different ones. You are doing a good job giving us a variety of angles and distance. This is a good portrait. Any project about people demands a few portraits, the trick is to vary them. Youve given us two, one a group portrait and one here of a single person. I like the fact that this is a contextual portrait, its anot a tight frame but it puts the guy in the context of where he lives. A strong background, very graphic and dramatic looking tree. I like the detailof the pot on the fire. Nice work.

09/03/2008 22:22    from : Designsoul

A very nice shot Pascal... so much reminds me of some early scene from "Besieged" by Bertolucci. Lovely afternoon colours with the old baobab tree behind, and great angle.
 tc, sasa

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