beware your pocket

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 09/03/2008 02:27:20 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
no comment ... ;o)


after i had read Francis comment i did made a small PP
no more arm ,o)

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13/03/2008 21:52    from : eleparc
I am not sure i would trust this guy ... he has such a devilish look while watching you and your pockets... what are those emulets he is carrying around his neck?

10/03/2008 13:32    from : Furachan
Hello Simon,
I don't mean to "rain on your parade" but despite the nice expression and the excellence of your BW treatment, the presence (once again) of a protruding arm on the left seriously mars what could have been a superlative picture. What is that arm doing there? You had the same problem in the narcissistic policeman shot, and I remarked on it then too. Here it is less excusable because this is NOT a "grab shot" - clearly you had some intimate rapport with this man and he was willing to be photographed, that means you had some control over the elements and the context. You either show the person whose arm is partially shown and give us a double portrait (no less interesting perhaps), or you should somehow have managed to "isolate" your subject so he alone sits inside the frame.  In such a tight frame, everything should fit, my friend. At least that is my view...
A; Francis

10/03/2008 00:49    from : jinju
A very nice portrait. Simple, well shot, charming face. Maybe I dont like the arm coming into the frame on the left side, a bit distracting.

09/03/2008 21:23    from : AmiBe
Hello Simon,
un autre sympathique portrait de ton excellent projet.
Il a un regard malicieux celui-là, je suis sûr qu'il convoite ton Canon :)
Maintenant, je comment écrire "Beware your pocket" en chinois et thai, cool :)

09/03/2008 19:19    from : Terrapin
Hi Simon,
Beautiful portrait shot,a little humurous and most of all for the sense that man giving me: "Take my portrait, I am here".Excellent black and white tones also...

09/03/2008 04:56    from : prezntime

Hey Simon, I love the simplicity of the's pure elegance. There is no contrived positioning and affection in presentation...just a smile and wonderous, emotional eyes. It's a great photo, more than you know I think. Tonality is spot on, great range of grey. Those three medallions are the kicker here; they serve an important role in the frame, yet underwhelm compared to that smile.

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