pray and eat

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 07/03/2008 18:36:25 project: red red red \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
A typical scene in a Chinese temple. i did like this man eating, and not realy care more what happen around.
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12/03/2008 11:32    from : marietom
Hello Simon,

Nice scene of everyday life, with warm colors.

08/03/2008 03:23    from : Designsoul
Haha, Simon, like a BK doll's house... very curious interior for a temple, the strangest I've seen... I can see onl one person who is worshipping... it's an adorable picture to me. Tht man eating is the main touch in this carefully composed ornamental shot.
Take care,
sasa *still snowing; tomorrow 30 cms of snow...*

08/03/2008 02:52    from : jinju
Id write the same thing I wrote to Brian about the last shot he uploaded to his series: its a good shot to give us the mood of the place. No real focus in the compo or a decisive moment but thats not always needed.

08/03/2008 00:08    from : Furachan
Marvelous mise en scene here, SImon, the fellow with the crew cut eating his noodles in the back is so Chinatown! Ireally like the movement ion the frame, the "va et viens", people  walking like autaomatons in dofferent directions. You might have cropped the leg protruding on the extreme left... a matter of choice.
Take care,

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