the red gate

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 03/03/2008 21:54:27 project: red red red \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
In yaowarat road, China town.
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01/05/2008 00:33    from : AnimeshRay

This one is probably the most complex of the photos in this series. Strong colors and excellent use of geometrical elements to provide layers of depth and perspective.

Did we not see a yet another take at exactly the same spot that you uploaded somewhere else?  I don't think it was exactly this shot but another one in which there were only two people in the frame.  Or am I mistaken?

05/03/2008 10:29    from : proxilva

Noooooo.... this is not possible Simon...of your 6 months in Bangkok you spend at least 3 months camping here in front of this gate, waiting for a moment with maybe 2 layers of red and you got lucky and captured 3 layers of red... red red red 3 times here... You said before the dragon was the 'cover' but here you have the justification of the project man...

If this is not a decisive moment I don't know what is!!!!


04/03/2008 20:50    from : marietom
Hello Simon,

J'aime bien cette image, ses couleurs, l'image de publicité au fond, et les personnages très bien placés.

04/03/2008 03:59    from : Designsoul
What a composition... Simon, did you spend the day to find so much red in one shot? ;-) Love the warm red tones, but here especially that very surreal, sweetly playful composition.
sasa from below the Ice

04/03/2008 01:16    from : alimo3

Hi Simon,
A nice one,i will call it : red and hands ( but for me hand is the main subject here )
The V sign ( twigs ,miam miam ) on the bus ,the hand in the pocket of the cool guy, the hand of the mum taking care of her daughter and finally the righ hand of the girl going out of your frame.
Cool !


03/03/2008 23:44    from : Furachan
Beautifully composed, Simon. Inspired, really, with the depth leading you to that retro poster on the passing bus. Orangy RED predominates due to your Yellow treatment but that's your choice and that is the tone that runs through this series rather than the true RED.
I would probably do the same (only not as well...;o))

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