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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 01/03/2008 21:26:40 project: red red red \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
A lovely scene on Yaowarat road, China town, during the Chinsese new year.
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01/05/2008 00:36    from : AnimeshRay
Very nice perspective again, and as always colors are spectacular.  Excellent documentation.

03/03/2008 01:01    from : jinju

Thats something Id never do with my old is this kid? Its a nice capture Simon, very happy, light stuff but filled with this great joy and love. And what RED!

02/03/2008 18:56    from : steph

Costaud le gars!!! Voila une photo rouge! Je l'a préfère nettement à la précédente, en terme de photo dans un projet. Celle ci a du sens.

Merci Simon


02/03/2008 11:02    from : marietom
Hello Simon,

Adorable, ce petit garçon au très beau sourire. Belle atmosphère dans cette image.

02/03/2008 02:30    from : alimo3

Hi Simon,
this picture is like a symbol of optimism for this new year,
i love the relaxed attitude of the lady under the red dressed pig ,and how the baby looks at his father.
through this one, we can feel your warm-hearted way to take picture inThailand; i mean : Humanity ,sense of humor "Sabai " tender moment and beauty.


02/03/2008 01:04    from : Furachan
The best of the RED series yet, Simon - you are really getting into your stride here (I remember these shots fondly) - the boy here is almost 3-F like as he seems to float in spce withn the frame. The distribution of all the adult heads in the frame is also inspired - a very well "seen" shot.
Take care,

01/03/2008 23:21    from : randomcameraguy
hahaha! I see Filipino Dads (in the Fils and in Canada) do this!  It looks like fun (",)

Very nice photo and it is definately red, Red, RED!  I wish the woman wasn't looking out of frame though, it kindof leads our eye out... but that's a minor thing.

01/03/2008 21:37    from : Designsoul
That IS amazing Fly... I wonder if I wouldn't scream if it were my baby standing on his palm--what strength, balance... very nice how the reds are continuing from bottom left to top right, centered on the little child's Chinese silk clothes. Also the expression of the woman (mother?) is lovely, so relaxed as if this were the most natural thing to do... wonderful warm shot
(if you miss the Thai warmth, just know that we are under a new meter of freshly fallen snow---still snowing...)

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