The Gift

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 15/11/2007 03:44:38 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Even if the Portuguese are known for their faithless destiny, there is alwas a hidden gift: joy of living.
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29/11/2007 17:09    from : flydragon
Hello Luis
a funy shot to start this project, with this name shop
yup a nice street shot, i like this feeling to walk in a city that we dont know nothing
about, so exciting ,o)
ok i follow your project now

16/11/2007 14:00    from : yanseiler
Hi Luis, a nice street shot, you've caught a nice expressions from the two guys...

16/11/2007 04:10    from : AnimeshRay
Quite an interesting shot, Luis.  Sharp detail and extremely good perspective.  The tilt adds an unusual rhythm to the photo. There is a sense of serendipity in this photo, somewhat of a thril in the smiles of the two men, as if finding an unexpected Portugese gift! :-)

15/11/2007 11:27    from : galeota
Hi Luís. I'm not enthusiastic with the composition, mainly the tilt which makes me think it was more of a guess than the result of a will. Ithink though your black & white conversion is pretty convincing, and I praise your courage in posting something new (original) in this site, leaving aside your "comfortable" work of which the acceptance would be obvious. Portuguese communities worlwide have always a certain flavour of "home" for any portuguese travelling abroad. Looking forward to follow you in this journey around Toronto.

15/11/2007 05:17    from : jinju
I think you are doing a lot of what I do too...preset the focus and fire away. Though Im usually at f/8 and pretty much with the wide angle dont have to worry about focusing. Great for hip shots or fast reaction shots.  I like the diagonal line running across the frame, across their heads. 3 good figures and a nice b/w. How was Toronto? I used to live in that city though I never went to the Portuguese neighborhood. That is the best thing about the city: the multicultural nature of it, and Im sure it would prove to be an awesome long term project to cover all the different cultures.

15/11/2007 04:17    from : Designsoul

Luis, ola! Amazing what you can do even a few stone's throw away, on this side of the pond. This has the feeling of an old Renoir movie, so full of optimism and lightheartedness, tell me how you found these jovial kind characters, right by the Portuguese store in that city! Are you sure this was in Toronto ;)?

Am so glad you did have a chance after all to shoot--we're all the richer for it. Fantastic luminous quality here...

Take care and welcome on Photoholik!


15/11/2007 03:57    from : Furachan
A lovely, classy shot to kick off with. Was this a "hip job", Luis? It wouldn't diminish the impact at all if it were, I am just curious, having had that discussion with Shailendra about some of his recent shots, some of which were "hippy" ;o). If it was mine, looking tilted and raw in that way, it might be one;o) In any case we've got uniform sharpness and that smiling, appealing face in the top right pocket really anchoring this picture beautifully. Fine street work indeed.

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