Morning Wine No.3

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 15/11/2007 03:22:34 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest
He was a sweet, sad man starting his day in the Market Hall. I was moved by his holding up his glass filled with wine, as if for a toast, when I pulled out my camera. He didn't mind me being so close so early in the morning... Cheers to him...
(Since you may have seen this series recently elsewhere, don't worry critiquing again... just part of my series).
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16/11/2007 10:55    from : eleparc

Another drink so early in the morning? you'll get us all drunk! ;-) We are already Photoholik and now alcoholiks! I love thoise series from your home town! I can feel the love you express for your fellow citizens, and some nostalgia maybe also... Am I right? I am really impressed by the difficult light conditions that you managed so well in your b&w pp! feeling jealous:-) Will you teach me how you do that? Pleaaaaaaaaaase!

back after Nov 27th. heading towards Rome today;-)

16/11/2007 03:13    from : flydragon
Hello Sasa ;o)
what a great portrait you offert us.
one thing i do love here is the distortion from the finger in the glass
and the distortion from his eyes in eyesglass.
Also a great black and white.
Another jewel from your Morning Wine Porject .

a smile from jetlag dragon in bangkok

15/11/2007 15:24    from : claude renault
What a nice portrait. I just love the light you were able to get to shoot this image, I guess as in the previous one. You also shot it at the exact right time.. Now, I am longing for a glass of wine.. Well ! I'll have to wait

15/11/2007 11:21    from : galeota
Light, the glass, his glasses, the three elements that make this photograph outstanding and, in my opinion, among the very best of this morning wine series. I love this lateral light, so well exposed in spite of the contrast, all the details preserved on the risky parts (shirt, hair); light feels warm like a caress. The filled glass and the way he preciously handles it, reminds me of a sort of religious respect, the type we'd expect in the Last Scene. And his glasses are a metaphor of the distorted prism he carries on with his daily life, or the distorted prism of the way life has take care of him. A great photograph, by any means.

15/11/2007 04:04    from : jinju
It is a great portrait. Youve got one of the best hanles on contrasty light in dark places Sasa, you always get that light to frame your subjects so beautifully. I havent seen this, so Ill critique:)

15/11/2007 03:30    from : Furachan

A defining shot, Sasa. A landmark shot. I don't mind going uot on a limb here but this portrait is so good, so thick with presence, so cleverly reflective (glasses) that it would almost discourage one from ever trying another portrait again...;o) This one stands like an exclamation point in the midst of your already considerable output. Let me put it this wa: a classic shot. Fav? Of course!

15/11/2007 03:28    from : AnimeshRay
A fascinating portrait! The fellow has a definite presence but is humorous as well. Your treatment of the light and shadow is superb. That play of light on his shirt is just brilliant as is the little lighlight on the top layer of his hair. The close framing is very effective.

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