fire crack and dragon

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 28/02/2008 21:29:24 project: red red red \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Thr dragon dance in front he temple, in Chinatown .

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02/05/2008 17:59    from : vapours
I do like the photo, a great decisive moment caught at a great moment. However I do have two slight conerns with it.

-I feel as if we're missing out on something with the dragon stuck behind the mans head.
-Looking at it from your project page, it does stand out as not being red and part of the series.

09/03/2008 11:37    from : tehanu_f

very funny indeed with the dancer trying to get into the fame and the man indifferent to what's going on, trying to hera what the person on the other end is saying. and it goes well with your nick )))



02/03/2008 11:09    from : marietom
Hello Simon,

Superb picture, with great colors.
J'aime l'expression de ce visage pensif.
Very nice composition.

29/02/2008 19:18    from : proxilva

Hi Fly,

I like this scene very much. the beautiful lemontree, the dragon looks like he bends forewards to be in the shot :o) and the man wants to call his wife to say happy new year can't understand a thing because of the noise those firecracker produce... very much info in one klick...

Oke in  the ideal situation you should have stepped one step to the left, but we all know how that works... nice weekend


29/02/2008 18:14    from : Darren M
Hi Simon. This is pretty cool, but I just can't help but wish you had hit the shutter a moment earlier. I think it would be better if the guy with the phone wasn't quite so centered and if he wasn't as overlapped with the dragon. Certainly this is an interesting contrast between the phone guy and the action behind him.

29/02/2008 17:11    from : randomcameraguy
There's great right to left movement in this photo.  I like it Simon, I don't know how this will fit into your red theme, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now and think metaphoically. 

29/02/2008 16:27    from : steph
RED?? like RED ALERT?? Simon, I like the compo here, but , maybe I will change my note after, I think that this one will not fit well into your project.
I will be back later.

29/02/2008 06:44    from : jinju
Looks like something exploded here Simon...a capture full of energy and yellow colors:)

28/02/2008 23:40    from : Furachan
Nice war correspondent feel to this ;o With the fallen lion seeming tolisten in as the officer asks for helcopter trnasport to a MASH unit... Colors have a very nce feel to them, subtle and...yes,yelow;o) But I know what you mean by "RED" anyway.

28/02/2008 22:33    from : Designsoul

Haha, yellow yellow yellow ;-)

OK, there's also some red... not overwhelmingly, but one can spot it. The shot itself is great, Simon, the man expresses the wildness of what must have been around him--noise and smoke... great how he is leaning into the frame like the dragon... a very nice work, if more yellow than red... sasa

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