red Lion

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 26/02/2008 20:59:48 project: red red red \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Of course for start this project i would love start with THE LION.

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29/02/2008 02:39    from : Furachan
Fly, my friend and mentor,
This is turning out to be a lightning rod, this picture! You must have made a lot of choices with regard to it. I assume you cropped arounbd it to make the Lion HUGE in the frame, right? Then you left tantalizing hints of the city around it, and just a touch of PP'd sky.
I am not 100% won over by it but it stil passes my silly test, Simon, because I detect in ti something very Flydragon-like, the "animal closeup" that gives dogs or cats enormous personalities, all done with great humour and tenderness.

27/02/2008 10:14    from : proxilva

hi fly,

hmm I see Gals point and I see Chris' I have to choose huh hahaha, I can see you worked alot on this shot to upgrade the background, guess it was pretty overexposed the building back there. But you done very well in bringing it back ( those raw files aren't so bad after all) And the red, the red fits this tonality of the whole shot guiet well actually. the burning sun, a downtoned picture then this is the red that fits the picture...

I'm curious about this project, we never see much red in your shots, so it gonna get intersesting from out of Paris these days ;o)



27/02/2008 04:49    from : prezntime
If you delete this I'll murderlize you...I completely disagree with Gal; not always a common occurance. He was right in one instance, pointing out the tonality of the sky as somewhat like that of an old polaroid. The rest of the photo fits this particular color scheme very well indeed. I can't stress too much the over-reliance today on saturation of color. Where did we stumble into this need for heavy, Kodachrome colors? Heavy saturation is fine, sometimes, just like other techniques of photography. When a certain scheme is overused by many, it becomes bland and static...don't fall into this pit of monotany. The photo is dynamic, showing movement and getting extremely close to the action. I like the spotaneity of the scene; it is a once forceful and stoic.
More I look, more I fave.

26/02/2008 21:11    from : galeota
As much as I like the colours in the background (the blue of the sky is amazing and reminds me a sort of Sixties polaroid), and the vignetting which helps to bring down the tones and saturation, I do think the red lacks punch and pretty much turns into an unaesthetic orange. Besides, the fact it is a decentered close up, gives me the feeling of a messy composition. I cannot figure out what the fluffy puppet is about, let alone the lion. I am not a fan of this one. Amitiés. Gal.

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