3 generation

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 25/02/2008 23:57:47 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Some are just coming, some just waiting and some will go soon.
Something was realy touching when i took this picture. the old man seemed to
be so old and sick, his body and face didnt move much, but with his right hand
he was swinging  the little bed with the baby.

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15/03/2008 19:57    from : fixed
Really touching picture Simon ... delicate and violent.
"Thanks", the hope is in the background, ... the third generation.
Huchhh ...

15/03/2008 17:45    from : David Procter
I've been thinking about this picture all week Simon. Haunting and profound, this is one of the most powerful pictures I've seen in recent times.

13/03/2008 21:49    from : eleparc
This photo is strikingly powerful! The long lead of life from birth to death is really well displayed through this photo... an emotional shot indeed! A typical Simon shot!! complimenti amico mio! into my FAV!

27/02/2008 23:18    from : randomcameraguy
I love this one.  A sad, yet touching photo.  The man in the foreground has a heavy aura to him, and the old man a wonderful dignity and spark of life--even as his body grows weaker...

26/02/2008 15:01    from : yanseiler
salut Simon, une image très forte et très touchante, on peu en sortir beaucoup d'histoires...

26/02/2008 12:53    from : proxilva


3 generations never portayed so well as here. This shot shows the triangle of life in a very touching way. The fact that the man in front doesn't look in the camera, but more in between emotions of birth and death, is the power of this image. If he would look in the lens he would have taken to much attention from the viewer and what is happening in the background would have stayed in the background. Now the the 3 layers a balanced perfectly...


26/02/2008 01:46    from : Furachan
A superior shot, Simon, in a sense a "classic" Flydragon shot reminding us of earlier work you did in BW in the North of teh country years ago. The position and expression (and rendering) of the man, whose fate is sealed, whose life will probably see zero improvement, against a depth that allows us a glimpse of two more generations, is masterful. This is simply one of the top 2 or 3 images on this site (another might very well be Sidhartha's stunner yesterday ;o). Once more you re-establish your credentials as first and foremost a masterly lensman with a terrific eye.
A FAV, what can I say?

26/02/2008 01:11    from : Designsoul

OH my, this is another amazing offering, Simon... the shot is extraordinary, senstivie and very heartfelt. It is as if the man in the front, with his beautiful hand resting on the railing, contemplated life--birth and death... and his thoughts were right there, beside him... the composition is superb, not speaking about the difficult light that you have so eloquently managed... a favourite. You are really amazing, Fly!


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