living in a box

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 24/02/2008 19:50:36 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Somewhere in Bangkok i dont remember where, i met this mother, she live with a daughter. just behind her you can see her house. yes a box maybe  2m X 6m
no water no electricity...
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26/02/2008 01:14    from : Designsoul

Another very sad and yet dignified shot, Fly... the woman so beautiful yet so poor... her little daughter too... there's a beauty in the division of the two sides of the shot, the left close to us, looking at us, and the right receding to the background, away from us... fantastic work. Nice use of wide angle.

25/02/2008 05:02    from : jinju
excellent use of the wide angle here simon, and the framing within the frame. This project has nice pacing, variety of moods and intensitiy. What a good breather from the power of the previous shot.

25/02/2008 02:09    from : Furachan
Celever compo, Fly working on two levels constantly: the pair on the left looking rowards us, the morotbike running away; the pair inside (sort of), the bike outside. You're at the limit of what one can bear from a wideangle distortion point of view - right at the dge I would say - one reason why I don't care for superwides - don't know how to "tame" them ;o)

24/02/2008 23:09    from : AmiBe
Hello Simon,
des conditions de vie difficilement imaginable pour nous...
J'aime ta compo, ta façon de diviser l'image en 2 partie.
Pauvre et très vivant comme quartier j'imagine...
Beau témoignage, a+

24/02/2008 20:06    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, incredible conditions of life..
the image is so well captured, divided into 2 parts
great pespective too
Another beautiful image of this series

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