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luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 24/02/2008 18:54:26 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Malhada do Ouriçal, Cape Roca, Colares
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09/03/2008 14:45    from : tehanu_f
I love all the photos in this project as an admirer of long exposure and blurred water effect. The quality is perfect in all of them. This one is imho the best and the most fascinating thanks to its compo. It looks as if I could touch the pebbles if I reached out. Well done.

26/02/2008 20:47    from : marietom
Hello Luis,

Wonderful colors and wonderful composition ! I like your pricture a lot !

25/02/2008 08:52    from : steph

I love this overnatural series Luis ! It seems here that the rock on the botttom are bigger than the big one. Excellent colors !

25/02/2008 05:00    from : jinju
Yes its a beautiful photo. However I am getting a bit of a feeling of dejavu with this one Luis, it seems to be a bit formulaeic in the framing and the look of the shot. The editing is really pushed on this one bordering on too far..I realize this is how you shoot landscapes but its REALLY similar to Creation...I do prefer your street stuff..

25/02/2008 01:01    from : randomcameraguy
Luis.  You are really one of the best colour landscape photogs out there.  Wow.

24/02/2008 23:19    from : AmiBe
Hi Luis,
the atlantic light seems to be a very good inspiration for you.
Sounds good for us :)
I like the green on the first plan and also the clouds behind the big rock.
For sure, you know how to compose a landscape...

24/02/2008 21:23    from : flydragon
we dont see you often, but with this project when you upload a pics
its like a peaceful moment.  just beautiful Luis.

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