The young mother

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 22/02/2008 01:34:41 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Khlong toi: this is one very poor area in bangkok, also one of the most dangerous place of Bangkok. A place for many to hide in the shantytown
The Decor : higway,  railway, shantytown, canal nauseating.  and dry dog shit ;o).
I met this young mom there, i was impres with her emty gaz, and the fragile size of her body to compere with her baby. Of coure she is not the only young mom in this world, but she is one of them.
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13/03/2008 20:40    from : eleparc
This b&w pp is a rare gem as well as the "piqué" (sharpness) in this shot! I love the framing and the way you have chosen to put them on the side and leave a wide space for the towel and the sheet of metal making up their house in this slum... a good contextual shot although it is hard to relate completely this photo to her difficult conditions of living.. are you sure you did not steal this one from Tom? you are becoming siamese brothers... with teeth...( refer siamese sisters...) LOL

26/02/2008 01:11    from : alimo3
Hi Simon,
Nice and sensitive picture, i like the composition with your subject on the very right and all the texure on this sad wall.
i also notice on this beautifull BW that you are more confortable on conversion with your home sweet home computer.
Good and strong image.


23/02/2008 21:28    from : AnimeshRay
Amazing photography! Others have said all I could.

22/02/2008 22:47    from : marietom
Bonsoir Simon,

Elle est très touchante, cette image. Très beaux regards des deux personnages.

22/02/2008 20:12    from : randomcameraguy

One of the reasons I love your work so much Simon, is that since we sometimes shoot in similar surroundings (whenever I shoot in Asia), your work helps give me a different perspective on my own. 

With this shot, for example, it could very easily be in a Manila shantytown, and sometimes I get so stuck trying to find a suitable spot for a portrait that I miss the simple and obvious. 

Thanks man!


22/02/2008 16:03    from : proxilva

Hi Fly,

what a sad environment to grow up in, for the young mother as well as for the baby... the back ground really work amazing here, in one way it provides a solid, quiet background for a portrait like this and on the other hand it tells us soo much about this place...

the project sofar really feels like a walk in the steets of Bangkok we started in the city and slowly we wander on to the outskirts of the city and arrive in places like this... you're a good guide and a great photographer...


22/02/2008 12:53    from : jinju
What amazing power this shot exudes. Its just a spowerful as the Dorothea Lange "Migrant Mother" photo, where all the power is in the eyes.

22/02/2008 11:27    from : yanseiler
salut Simon, elle me va bien celle-ci, la compo me semble agréablement balancée, en ne te regardant pas, cela amène une touche intéressante... t'avais pris tes gardes du coprs ?

22/02/2008 03:43    from : Designsoul
VERY beautiful shot, moving and sad, Simon. Indeed the little babe almost looks larger than its young mother who obviously does everything to feed him; I couldn't put it better than Kev, who said it so nicely--no matter how gorgeous the tones are, it's the babe's and mother's eyes that exert such power... a fine, fine shot, Fly.

22/02/2008 02:13    from : kaparu2
As you say Simon the size of this tiny young woman with the size of her baby is such a telling part of your image and as Chris said - the tonal richness and range of your screen version is very nicely crafted - and the composition is a classical winner too but it is what those eyes are looking to that gives such power here - perhaps towards a place which won't exist for either of them or perhaps towards a place which is already better than the reality.......

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