Nap in colors

AmiBe / © Pascal Boegli - 20/02/2008 20:40:05 project: People of the lake \ Africa \ Malawi \ Mangochi District
A man have a nap on his colorful nets during sunset.
When the night comes, he will going on the lake for fishing all the night.
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07/03/2008 14:15    from : tehanu_f
beautiful colours. i like the tight cadrage, not letting anything else to distract the viewer. the boy's smooth skin is nicely complimented with the soft colours of the nets.

24/02/2008 23:07    from : lobster
A chacun son nap... Je suis certain que lui le vit miux que ma protagoniste...
Magnifique jeu de couleur, et ces 3 taches de lumière laissent sugérer que le bienheureux se trouvait sous un arbre à ce moment...

24/02/2008 20:45    from : brevbrev14
BEAUTIFUL picture and colours here Pascal!
wonderful coloured line break from the subject..
great effect!

22/02/2008 10:59    from : flydragon
Yup i agree with comment here
awesome colors, a very pleasant picture.

22/02/2008 03:16    from : AnimeshRay
Yes, I agree that the color here is just fabulous.  In fact the thumbnail appeared as if by a famous impressionist painter (you know who).  Marvelous photography.

21/02/2008 04:42    from : jinju
This project has fantastic colors Pascal. Here no different. Maybe Id like to see his face more.....

21/02/2008 03:08    from : Designsoul
These colours are mesmerising... my favourite greens... while added to them, there's that stripe of bloodred net in the middle under the beautiful torso of the young man. All works out like a painting. Could be Gauguin, Pascal... astonishing, very very nice work. Filled with compositional and colour harmonies.
Take care,

21/02/2008 02:13    from : Furachan
Salut Pascal, une tres belle compo ici, un drapeau en quelque sorte, strie par le corps de ce jeune pecheur. Bon coup d'oeil ici, bien vu!

21/02/2008 01:50    from : dijjac

Bonjour Pascal

Ce pecheur sur ces toiles colorées est superbe. La douceur de la lumière rend ta photo très poétique.

20/02/2008 20:42    from : marietom
Hello Pascal,

Superbe position, magnifiques couleurs... et cette lumière d'Afrique, toujours aussi belle !

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