and tomorrow

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 14/11/2007 00:32:00 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Nong Khai
what about tomorrow ? it will be the same, this woman will be in the same place,
and looking for the cows, till the sunset. This is Isaan life, and i think, same like everywhere.
Cant resit to post a last picture before flying tomorrow.
And i usual my bag will be packed around 2 am ;o).

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14/11/2007 14:18    from : eleparc
At this time of day, you must be sipping your champagne in the business class section of the Thai Airways aircraft that is now flying towards your second motherland! Cheers mate!
I can tell this woman on the photo is already shyly waiting for the return of the prodigal son! or is it prodigal sun, huh? LOL You really do have a kick for portraits with a rich interesting background, this one is no exception! Your work has taught me a lot on how you see the world, and has contributed to shape my eye! thank you Simon for this beautiful gift of yours! you need a tissue to blow your nose now? come on, don't cry, i feel embarassed now! ;-)

have a safe and enjoyable journey! looking forward to seeing your first images!

14/11/2007 05:31    from : AnimeshRay
Hi Simon,
Long time no see!
Love this one. Even in this wide shot in which the woman is placed subordinate to the farm land, I see your careful hand in catching that glint of highlight in her dark, brooding eyes.
A dreamy take.

14/11/2007 02:41    from : jinju
Never been a big fan of the tight portrait. Much of the portraiture done by a guy like McCurry is that kind of tight bores me. Im a wide angle guy myself, and love to see the wide space. Here its just great. The woman is awesom, what a face, with one eye covered, the hat..but the landscape behind her is superb. Beautiful b/w work.

14/11/2007 01:51    from : Furachan
Perhaps the "quieter" side of Simon portraiture, the one that takes place at the end of a tiring work day (for the subjects ;o) - still in the lovely, heroic mode that you have made your own...
Bon voyage Khun Fly!

14/11/2007 00:43    from : Designsoul

Flying again, Simon? To BK? When are you back?

This is a vintage Simon, love the mood, the joy, the Classical composition of this portrait of the kind Thai woman in her surrounding.
Bon voyage FLYdragon,

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