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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 18/02/2008 19:40:29 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
I met this woman in bangkok train station, she was waiting her train, she is from Isaan
she north east part of Thailand. she showed me her cat. and told me that her cat look more cute with is whiskers cut.  oupss lol poor cat.
yes as we can see, the cat seems not really know where is the train now ;o)
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13/03/2008 20:34    from : eleparc
I love this shot! cos' she is so happy to show you her cat but you cal tell the cat could not care less... he is looking at you with such a bored look! excellent tilt once again!

19/02/2008 05:44    from : Furachan
It really pays to OPEN all your thumbnails, Fly - I mean sometimes you cannot judge from the samll size. As I opened this one, the sophistication and intelligence of your "lens work" struck me right in the jaw. The sharpness is delicate and exactly right, also rather than a regular tilt, you have completely rearranged the space, you have poured your two "heroes" into the frame horizontally, stretched out as it were arther than vertical which would have been easy enough (and obvious too).
Great stuff, superior "feeling" and sensitivity to your subjects without them actually "posing".
Top notch work...

18/02/2008 21:22    from : Designsoul
So much yours again, Simon, again a great wide-angle diagonal composition (though I probably would have cropped even a good inch from the right to make it tighter as the right hand side is not full of added information), the expression of woman and her half-whiskered pussycat is moving, tender, the shot is full of humanity, sweetness.

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