Flag Waving

Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 18/02/2008 13:34:18 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
    Well, it is now official; as you can see in the background the sign is completely down.  That doesn't stop a few hardy souls from continuing with their movement.  The sun sets, but the flag still waves.

This was originally going to be the last upload, but I do have an epilogue to add to finish the series.
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20/02/2008 21:33    from : proxilva

aahhh the closing days of this projects Darren, Very nice how you managed to get a real story out of this happening. In the last few shots I can somehow feel that you are building it down a bit.

Yep i can see this one as a great way to end the serie, but that would leave it at 19 shots, soo close to the full monthy of 20. :o) It nice to see the same tones back in this shot as you had in 'the easiest job'.


20/02/2008 06:14    from : prezntime
Alright, I'm gonna jump off from others here. I think the particular processing, and the time that the photo was taken, make this an obvious focal point within your series. The problem is, as a single, it seems lost. Given that the last photo with this quality was a number of photos back within the series, there is a lack of continuity...Also, the composition is very close to that of other shots in the series, which acts as a buffer to the impact of this individual shot.

19/02/2008 00:49    from : randomcameraguy
Wow this is one long series dude!  I think this is a good ending pic (though I know you have an epilogue tomorrow).  I kind of wish that there wasnt so much motion blur on the man to the left, but it's not that big a deal.  A good photo for the series.

18/02/2008 23:54    from : Furachan
I really saw this as the closing shot, Darren but hey, if you've ot a "better" ending in mind, good luck to you. This is a splendid shot with gorgeous color, mood, and that touch of motion blur on the left adds a lot.

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