Head Squeeze

mking / © Michael King - 10/11/2011 08:49:31 project: Melbourne Confined \ Oceania \ Australia \ Melbourne
Sometimes it feels like the city is squeezing the side of my head

Outside the old General Post Office Building in the city centre.

November 2010
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21/11/2011 05:16    from : Furachan
 Nicely observed, Mike, well timed too... Nice to see you on PH, man!

12/11/2011 06:29    from : AnimeshRay
 Nice capture. The two opposite figures are well placed, and the rectangular white board is  a nice contrast against the white pillar. I agree that Melbourne's street feel is unique in Australia.  
(Interesting to see that the GPO pillars and the stairs have undergone a certain amount of degradation. Back in 1979-80 these were gleaming, polished, and beautiful)

10/11/2011 10:34    from : juzo
Of all the cities in Australia, I feel Melbourne is the best to capture a 'street' feel, I am not sure why, but maybe there is a life on the streets there like no other city in Australia. I like the vignetting, the space here.

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