Halloween protest

didierv / © Didier Vanderperre - 05/11/2011 02:50:00 project: The 99 Percent \ America \ United States \ New York
An Occupy wall Street protester on Halloween night...
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04/02/2012 16:44    from : fixed
Beautiful photograph, yep :)

21/11/2011 05:19    from : Furachan
 Hilarious, great street theater in a way. Good capture.

09/11/2011 12:25    from : juzo
haha..great one, made me smile, quite a strong portrait from a responsive subject, makes me think I should go to the local 'occupy...' in my local city now and snap a few shots. The B&W is so strong, the dynamics and contrast are so strong, as is the depth of field.

09/11/2011 00:40    from : kapkpa
I dislike Halloween, but this foto is well done .  Good job!

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