didierv / © Didier Vanderperre - 16/10/2011 05:15:05 project: The 99 Percent \ America \ United States \ New York
Just liked the light in the purple hair
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21/11/2011 05:20    from : Furachan
 Very cool frame, with the lighting, the expressions, the position of the two protagonists, you have managed a kind of theatricality, like a slice from an off off Broadway play...

20/10/2011 15:59    from : juzo
 I am not so much interested in the political content but more the characters, what kind of things happened to them to have them end up in their situation etc. These kind of events seprate the individual and they form a part of a pack, I guess that is part of the human condition, and a means to be heard. This one is by far my favourite thus far..it feels cinematic, so rich, the light, the clarity and the colours feel so rich.

16/10/2011 16:58    from : fplohoff
 Looks like a performance in a theatre. Not Broadway, obviously.

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