the Siamese sisters

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 17/02/2008 22:53:28 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
I met those two cute women in the suburb of bangkok.
They are the owner of a old and dusty toys shop.
I spend lonf time talking with them, they are single and live together
since they are young.
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13/03/2008 20:27    from : eleparc
They do look alike indeed! The one in the back was flirting with you.. Just look at her develish face when she is looking at you... she would eat you raw if she could! beware Simon!!! trust me little photographer.... It sort of reminds me of the snake in the jungle book ... LOL a very refreshing and human photo !

20/02/2008 17:26    from : randomcameraguy
"...they are single and live together since they are young."  hahaha!  I can definately hear them saying that.  This photo has a fun and playful feel Simon, I love their expressions (esp the young lady in the centre of the photo).  Very nice.

18/02/2008 18:38    from : proxilva

hi Simon,

wowww you met some ineresting people here, can't really tell if you used some kind of flash here or not cause maybe the background was this dark afterall, but i would say that the surrounding is a touch to dark for me here. But the 2 women are very nice portayed here and since the project is about Bangkokers (great title btw) that's main focus.

great shot, keep them coming

18/02/2008 13:55    from : Darren M
This is a really charming photo Simon.  Up close and personal with a wide angle lens.  Maybe this is not your most complex composition or anything, but the one thing this shot really shows is how comfortable the women are with you; no tension in front of the camera.  Nice shot.

18/02/2008 01:33    from : Furachan
You did well to change the title as per Luko's suggestion - now everything is how it should be. Again very "professional" work here, Simon - really smart use of the wideangle ot take in a lot while at the same time separating the "stars" from the background. A model of situational portraiture.

17/02/2008 23:59    from : Designsoul
Wonderful, Simon. Their happy coexistence is right here, in front of us. Beautiful tooth-deprived warm smile... and no fuss about it. They are lovely, their shop pretty dusty and old, but they seem not to mind... beautiful shot, a wonderful happy moment gorgeously caught with the best wide-angle lens
I will come back to your other shots but just got home --it's ice all over here

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