stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 12/09/2011 17:01:39 project: Doel \ Europe \ Belgium \ Provincie Antwerpen
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13/09/2011 01:46    from : Furachan
 There is nothing terribly wrong woth this pic, Steve, and I wouldn't say it doesn't fit in with the mood of the project, but it sort of pales next to much more expressive scenes in the set. One is always judged against the last great thing that one did, and this strikes me as one of the weaker executions, though somebody else would feel over the moon to have shot something like this. For Steve Vicot... I'm not so sure.

ps. Off to Kolkata in 4 days! ABout as far away from this Doel as one can get, eh? I'll be thinking of you when I'm there.

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