God, Porn, and Kareoke

randomcameraguy / © alex felipe - 17/02/2008 17:18:15 project: Quiapo Fiesta \ Asia \ Philippines \ Manila
This will mark the end of this project for now (though I may decide to add others in the future).

As with most parties in the Phils it usually ends with drinking and kareoke.  And for anyone that's spent time here, you know that most kareoke videos are based around soft core porn. 

There's something about a group of men (as is often the case around scenes of kareoke and alcohol) singing love songs to videos of half-naked C-grade actresses while wearing an image of Jesus on their shirts that's kindof amusing--especially after a day set aside to celebrate a miraculous image of their messiah.

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19/02/2008 17:54    from : brevbrev14
Hi Alex, i love your works...
this is another fantastic picture
i love the position of the woman in the composition and the expression of the man..

19/02/2008 15:06    from : marietom
hello Alex,

Nice, this one, with a great composition. I like the tilt you add.

17/02/2008 22:58    from : Furachan
Superb image, Alex, complex, layered and very, very true... With a smart tilt here that seems to pour more into the frame. Too short this series, man (I'm one to talk!) but yeah, too short, we wanted to see more...

17/02/2008 20:04    from : flydragon
Alex this picture amaze me.
of course the girl make it, i do love the title of this picture.
the tilt work fine here that make a balance.
this dark and contrast black and white is just perfect
in the mood here.
love it  :o)


17/02/2008 19:23    from : AnimeshRay
These intense images from the Philppines are a riot!  I am enjoying your series a lot. Look forward to more.

17/02/2008 17:36    from : jinju
This has an intense feel of that confrontation I mentioned in your other photo, here it is perhaps more intense, as the title so well describes. Fantastic DARKESS, love the glow of the girl.

17/02/2008 17:32    from : Darren M
This is a great one Alex.  I love the toning here, the dark, heavy look makes this look more sinister than it really is, but it is still appealing.  A good composition, with the singer, the other guy and the TV screen all well spaced.  This reminds me of a Natchwey shot, although with differing subjects from what he normall would cover.  Very nice.

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