didierv / © Didier Vanderperre - 05/09/2011 02:55:31 project: Coney Island \ America \ United States \ New York
May be they were having a hat conversation.
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13/09/2011 01:15    from : Furachan
 Maybe a hip shot, Didier? Just kiddin g, sometimes it is the only way. Excellent job here, a very funny, pungent candid, reminscent of a Woody Allen film that took place on Ceney ISland. Bravo!

10/09/2011 04:31    from : juzo
 There is that timeless feel to it, like it was taken 50 years ago, vene the silvery tones remind of that. I like the feel of this series.

05/09/2011 03:48    from : nOt ThErE yEt

Good one.

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