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stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 04/09/2011 19:28:30 project: Doel \ Europe \ Belgium \ Provincie Antwerpen
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03/10/2011 16:26    from : juzo
 The high key light draws me into the image, and it's contarst with the vignetting works well. There is something to be said about this kind of minimal image, it has no direct message, but evokes thoughts..makes me want to try and cut my shots back to the bare minimum again.

07/09/2011 04:31    from : AnimeshRay
Yes, I agree. Impressionistic, minimalist, moody. 

05/09/2011 04:10    from : nOt ThErE yEt

Clever composition.  Funny, the position of the power tower plays some positional tricks on my vision system.  I like the placement of the satellite dish.

04/09/2011 23:46    from : fplohoff
A nearly surrealistic view of the "Duesseldorfer Schule"-- a contradiction I know -- but very much focused on the structures how they are. No unnecessary aesthetification.

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